February 23, 2015
Financial Reimbursements for Parkinson's Medications

The Patient Access Network Foundation has announced that a co-pay program for Parkinson's patients will be opening on February 9. Co-pay programs provide direct financial assistance to qualified patients, assisting them with prescription drug co-payments their insurance requires relative to their diagnosis.

To determine eligibility you can contact the Patient Access Network Foundation by phone at (866-316-7263) or through the PAN Web site ( By answering a few questions you will learn immediately if you are eligible.

September 5, 2014

Thank you for your service yesterday at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We had a great turnout, I thought, and quite a bit of production, rescuing and packaging almost 11,000 pounds of food... the equivalent of over 7,000 meals. It seems everyone got a pretty good "workout", too. I know I did.

I hope you can join us again in December. Please let Barbara Mooney know your availability, and feel free to invite a friend or family member to help in the effort.

Best regards,

February 2014 -

Wine Tasting for Wellness

By Nathan Klim, APDA Volunteer

On Saturday,February 22, 2014 at Belmont Senior Living in Buckhead, revelers were treated to the finest food, drink, and live music as part of APDA's annual “Wine Tasting for Wellness” event.

Todd White, owner of Assisted Choice (senior living placement) and also Napa Valley Farms personally poured glasses of his 2005 Syrah which retails for $100 a bottle, while fabulous prizes were raffled to raise money for APDA Georgia Chapter. Event goers also were treated to hors d'oeuvres while listening to Bruce Gilbert on the piano. Bruce, a lifelong musician, is also an APDA member and is living with Parkinson's.

I asked Bruce about what it is like to play an instrument that obviously requires a high level of precision and finger dexterity while experiencing the tremors and rigidity that are the hallmarks of the disease.

“It was because of my playing that I first realized that something may be wrong,” Bruce told me. “I was taking a class and I couldn’t get my fingers to act the way they were supposed to. It still took months after that to diagnose because my symptoms were atypical.”

He went on to say that living with Parkinson's is “a struggle everyday” and that he has to time the taking of his meds specifically to be able to perform at a given time, but even then he can't play for much longer than an hour.

In the face of such adversity, why continue to struggle to play? “Making music is what I was meant to do,” Bruce said. “There may be a point where I can no longer play. I've had a good run. I'll find some other way to make music then.”

I also caught up with MaryLynnBillman, who is both a member of APDA's Board and an organizer of the Wine Tasting as well as other events. She is also the head of Community Relations for Belmont Village Senior Living Buckhead, although she is soon retiring.

“I'm always thinking of creative ways to raise money to further our mission which is to ease the burden,” she said. “The Wine Tasting is just one such event. I'm also involved with the APDA Golf Tournament as well as our annual Gala. We also have tremendous sponsors, like Belmont Senior Living and Assisted Choice, that make all this possible.” When asked what she likes most about organizing events like the Wine Tasting, she told me that, “When people socialize, they become more than just associates, they become friends. And today's event was a great friend-raiser.”

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November 2013

We are pleased to present the following new billboard as part of our public awareness campaign.

Dad Has Parkinsons